Yves Lemoigne* ,
         IFMP, Ambilly, Fr & CERN, Ch
   Todorka Dimitrova*
         Plovdiv  University, Bg
   Ivo Rausch*
        Medical University, Vienna, At
   Emilia Milieva
         Plovdiv Medical University, Bg
   Thomas Beyer,
         Medical University, Vienna, At
   Magdalena Stoeva
         Plovdiv Medical University, Bg
   Luc Bidaut,
         IFMP & Lincoln University, Uk
   Patrick Le Dû,
         IFMP & IEEE, USA
   Atanas Arnaudov
        Plovdiv  University, Bg
                  * Co-Chair

    Venue: Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski", Tzar Assen Street 24, Plovdiv
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 T. Dimitrova,  Plovdiv University, Bg
 Y. Lemoigne
 I. Rausch
,  MUW, Vienna, At
 T. Beyer, MUW, Vienna, At
 L. Bidaut,  Lincoln University,UK
 Z. Chalampalakis,   CEA Orsay, Fr
 L. Freudenberg, Essen, De
 J. Haglund, IFMP,Se
 D. Jimenez,  ABX-CRO, De
 L. Litov,  Sofia and CERN
 E. Milieva,  Plovdiv Medical University,Bg
 M. Nazari,  MUW, Vienna, At
 K. Petrova, Plovdiv Medical University,Bg
 M. Pizzichemi,  EP_CMX, CERN, Ch
 P. Trindev, Plovdiv Medical University,Bg
 A. Valladares, Hybrid Consortium, De
 M. Zdraveska, Skopje Imaging ctre,MK
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After six workshops organised since 2014 in different countries, the 2019 IFMP Workshop “Hybrid / Multimodality Medical Imaging” will consist of a scientific part covering the basics of the most common tomographic imaging modalities (CT, MRI, PET and SPECT) and a track on hybrid imaging systems (SPECT/CT, PET/CT and PET/MRI) covering their history, clinical use and quality control as well as quantification approaches like kinetic modelling of biological processes. Further, therapy approaches using therapeutic radio-pharmaceuticals and external-beam therapies will be introduced and the role of hybrid imaging therein will be discussed. At the last day of the workshop an overview of the newest technical advances in the field of imaging and radiotherapy will be given. As a special track for students and young researchers the workshop will be accompanied by a “Boost your career” track which will include hands-on exercises for CV writing and job applications, as well as an introduction to “how to publish or perish”, and a guide to writing grants and good scientific practice.

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