Sorry Application period was closed after September 1 2019

    Status definition:
- Status 1 - for Junior members of the IFMP-Association: Stipend  for food and registration fees, with housing in twin rooms at dormitories or without housing : Free of charge.
- Status 2- Regular participants : Non local Lecturers with accommodation in Plovdiv Hotel (in"single"room) : 180 €  or external attendant without housing : 80 €  (no Lunches: 45 € )
     (A limited number of Student Stipend could be available for local or non local junior students who are member of the IFMP-Association).


           Personal data:
        Under what Status will you participate? Please, write here your Status number (1 or 2): I am member of the IFMP-Association for 2019   if not, click here to join us

        To organise your stay in Plovdiv:

•  As Status 1, I would like to reserve a bed in a "Twin" room in students' dormitories:    ("No" means local student)    
•  As Status 2, I would like to reserve a "Single" room in the Plovdiv Hotel :      ("No" means external participant)  
To be accepted as Stipend participant:   You must Submit  this application AND send to the following mandatory documents (with your name in title):
        1- A Letter of Motivation  (max one page); 
        2- A Letter of recommendation ;
        3- Your CV (like Europass).      
Without your application correctly submitted and these 3 documents no Stipend decision could be taken
   (For Status 2 the letters 1 and 2 are not mandatory)

Please verify that all the items are not empty before your click on SUBMIT...           back to Plovdiv page