PhD Positions in Nanoscience and Biophysics
The Center for NanoScience (CeNS) at LMU Munich offers 14 doctoral positions in the highly interdisciplinary field of nanosciences, starting May-September 2018.
Successful candidates will work in the stimulating scientific environment of LMU Munich and Technische Universität München (TUM).
Application deadline: February 5, 2018

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Further documentation on PhD Positions

 Pdf files:
click: PhD Positions in Nanoscience and Biophysics.pdf   Munich (De)
Click: PhD Positions in Additive Manufacturing and Regenerative Medicine.pdf  Maastrich (Nl)
Click: PhD Position Cell Death and Survival decision.pdf    Gent (Be)
Click: PhD Position in Neural Network research using High-Density Microelectrodes Arrays.pdf   Zurich (Ch)
Click: PhD Grants Network and Information Technologies Doctoral Programme.pdf              Barcelona (Sp)

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